Dunnellon Miniature Australian Shepherds & AKC Miniature American Shepherds UK

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  Est. 2005

***Mini Aussies are now an AKC recognised breed in the Misc. class as Miniature American Shepherds***

"A new AKC breed but not new to us!"

Dunnellon Miniature American & Australian Shepherds was Est. in 2005 and we are proud to be the first breeder in the UK

Our Affix Dunnellon (Dun~nel~lon) has been granted by The Kennel Club

All of our breeding dogs have had multiple health screening tests. More information can be found on their individual website pages

We are very passionate about doing our best to breed healthy dogs. We surpass all of the minimum health testing requirements for the Kennel club Assured breeders scheme for the Australian Shepherd and we also test for most of the recommended tests as well. As soon as the Mini's gain full KC breed recognition in the UK we will be applying to become an assured breeder as we believe that we would meet all the criteria in both testing and the good breeding practices that we adhere to.

When we were breeding MASCA registered Mini Aussies we were awarded the MASCA blue ribbon status.

Miniature Australian Shepherds (aka. Mini Aussies) are exactly as the name suggests - Small Australian Shepherds

Established as a seperate variety since the 1960s this "Mini but Mighty" dog has become very popular in USA and after being imported to countries around the world they are winning many new hearts & fans.

Sized only 14 - 18" but with just as much love, energy & attitude as the larger Aussies! 

The Miniature American Shepherd is the new name introduced in 2011 to enable the Mini Aussies to gain entry into the AKC as a breed in their own right. Entry into the AKC occured in 2012  by splitting the AKC Australian Shepherd into two breeds, providing a new home in the AKC for the previously unrecognized Miniature Australian Shepherd, and allowing owners of AKC Australian Shepherds to voluntarily transfer their dogs to the new breed.

More information about the breed can be found on the UKMASC and  MASCUSA websites

 We already owned an Australian Shepherd and an Aussie cross when we started searching for another dog that was smaller & lighter for agility training but equally as intelligent & affectionate.


No other breeds appealed to us like the Aussie did so when we found out about the Miniature variety we were felt like it was "meant to be"!

After doing some research we soon realised that there were no Mini Aussie breeders in the UK. Our hearts were already taken by the perfect dog for us so we decided to import one.

In 2005 we were very lucky to get in contact with Shirley Wells in Florida, USA who agreed to look after our puppy for 9 months until she was able to fly to the UK. Rizzo is our one in a million girl and if any dog was born to be ours it's her! She's everything that we hoped she would be.

We had our first litter from Rizzo X Multi CH Gottabe's Spot The Winner - born 22nd Jan 2008 with help & guidance from Lori McClelland of Gottabe Mini Americans & Aussies in Nevada, USA. 

This breeding resulted in 8 beautiful puppies and we kept two girls - Roxie and Chelsea

Our next addition was our Stud dog Cajun who joined our family in Nov 2010 from 4paws Mini Aussies in Wyoming, USA. Cajun is the sweetest dog - always easy going & happy. We're very proud of our little man who passes his wonderful temperament onto his puppies.

We are very proud of our three litters born using Cajun as our Sire. Roxie gave us a beautiful litter in 2011 and 2013. Chelsea's lovely puppies were born in 2012. We fell in love with a little black tri girl in Chelsea x Cajun's 2012 litter which resulted in us keeping Betty and again in 2013 a Blue merle stole our hearts which is our latest addition Tammy.

You can find out more about how all of these youngsters and Rizzos first litter are doing by visiting the Past Pups page of our website.

In 2013 after following the progress of the Mini Americans acceptance into AKC we decided to re-register our breeding dogs under the new breed name as Miniature American Shepherds.

All of the future generations born at Dunnellon will be AKC registered. We will however continue to keep some of the Dunnellon dogs registered with MASCA as Miniature Australian Shepherds.

The Kennel Club in the UK has now registered the Miniature American Shepherd as a breed on the Activity's Register.

Dunnellon Mini's have had great success in the UK competing in Agility. We have bred dogs which compete at all levels ranging from puppies in training to grade 7 dogs which are competing at Championship level. We love  competing with our own dogs and cheering on all of the Dunnellon Mini Aussies! Watching Flossy competing in the ABC Agility finals at Crufts 2011 was a very proud moment!

 Angie Edwards competed with Billy "Dunnellons Gottabe Spot On AW (G)" and Flossy "Dunnellons Gotabe Crackers AW (G)"   in the agility finals at Crufts 2013
Billy won the Large ABC Novice Jumping and both dogs were fantastic & thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

There will be three Dunnellon Mini's competing in the Agility finals at Crufts 2014 - Naomi Hall with Fae "Dunnellons Fae Tal Atrakshun" and Angie Edwards with Billy and Flossy.

More information on how the Dunnellon Mini's have done competing in agility can be found on our Agility Achievements page of this website

Both ourselves and our puppy owners have had lots of fun competing with our Mini's in agility but most importantly enjoying their love & company daily as much adored pets

We've made some wonderful friends along the way and we love keeping in contact with all the puppies and their owners & hearing how our extended doggy family are doing! Whether the Dunnellon puppies are adored pets or agility stars we are always proud of them!

The puppies we breed are raised in our home and are given lots of attention & socialisation


Please feel free to browse through our website to find out more about our dogs and the puppies that we have bred. If you have any questions or would like any further information then please contact us


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