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Agility Achievements of the Dunnellon Mini Aussies

All of our own Mini Aussies and lots of the puppies that we have bred have gone to homes where they train and compete in agility. Some are already out there winning and others are stars in the making!

All of them enjoy themselves doing agility with their owners which is the most important thing!

Here are some of the achievements that Dunnellon's Mini Aussies have already accomplished in the UK agility scene......

Dunnellons Gotabe Crackers AW (G) "Flossy" who is owned & handled by Angie Edwards

Dunnellons Gotabe Crackers AW (G) (Flossy)  is grade 7 level in medium KC agility and competes in Championship classes

Flossy competes in Senior Performance and Champ Steeplechase at UKA

Flossy competed in the main arena at CRUFTS 2011 after winning the KC Novice Cup Semi Final at the International Kennel Club Festival. Flossy won round 1 in Novice Agility at Crufts and came 2nd overall in the KC Novice Cup Final.

Flossy also competed at Flossy competed at Discover Dogs 2012 and CRUFTS 2013 Agility Finals in the main arena in Medium ABC Agility

Flossy came 3rd in the Dogs in Need medium Novice grade 4 -5 Final & also qualified for the Supadogs Finals in both 2010 and 2011.

Flossy won the Darl Supa-dog Rescue League for Medium grade 3 dogs in 2010. Flossy also Won The Agility Eye - Top South East Grade 3 in 2010.

She came 2nd in the Darl Supa-dog Rescue Final (Grade 3) and she qualified for the CSJ Agility Finals in 2011

Flossy Qualified for CSJ Agility and Circular Knockout (UKA) Finals 2012

Flossy is now competing in Championship level Classes at KC Agility shows

Flossy came 3rd in the Burgess SupaDarl League 2012 in Medium 6/7 

Flossy has achieved her Gold Agility Warrant

Dunnellons Gottabe Spot On AW (G) owned & handled by Angie Edwards

Crufts and Di
scover Dogs Winner
 Overall Winner Large Novice ABC Cufts Semi-Final at Discover Dogs and Winner of Large Novice Jumping at Crufts 2013

Billy won the Large Novice ABC Jumping Final and competed in the Large Novice ABC Agility Final at Crufts 2013
Billy came 3rd in the Large Novice ABC Jumping Semi Final and 2nd in the Large Novice ABC Agility Semi final at Discover dogs 2013

Billy won the Masters Series at EASS UKA in 2012 and he qualified for the Masters Final

Billy finished 6th in the Tugg-E-Nuff Final and 11th in the CSJ Semi-Final 2010

Billy competes at Championship level in both Performance and Steeplechase at UKA shows

Billy has achieved his Gold Agility Warrant and has won many top placings at shows. His current AW points total is over 800 points!

Dunnellons Gottabe Luna AW (S) is owned & handled by Helen Millyard

Luna is grade 7 in KC medium agility and she came 2nd in the UKA Tug-e-nuf Novice Agility Final
Luna came 3rd in a Crufts Singles Agility Qualifying Competition in 2011

 She is now competing and getting placed in Championship level Classes at KC Agility shows.
Luna has achieved her Silver Agility Warrant

Dunnellon Gottabe Chelsea AW (B) is owned & handled by us

Chelsea competes at grade 6 in medium KC agility & came 5th in the UKA National Beginners Steeplechase Jumping Final

Chelsea has achieved her Bronze Agility Warrant

Dunnellons Dancin Rizzo is owned & handled by us

Rizzo is large grade 4 in KC Agility and has been getting placings in the trophies since competing at grade 4. Rizzo competes in Novice at UK Agility shows.

Rizzo came 4th in YKC Senior Jumping at Crufts 2008

Rizzo came 6th in YKC ABC Agility and competed in YKC Senior Jumping at Crufts 2009

Dunnellons Gottabe Roxie is owned & handled by us

Roxie enjoys competing  in KC large grade 3 & UKA standard agility and has done well getting lots of clears & placings

Boot Top's Boomerang owned & handled by us

Cajun had a bit of a delay to the start of his agility career due to the fact that I was out of action for a year! We fitted in a couple of shows at the end of last year just for experience which he enjoyed.

Cajun's done training over the winter and is keen & raring to go this year!

He will be competing in Medium grade 3 at KC shows.

Introducing.... The Next Generation

Dunnellons Fae Tal Atrakshun who is owned & handled by Naomi Hall

Fae has already shot up the grades to grade 6 in KC Agility.

Fae was only 2 years & 2 months old when she won into grade 6!

Fae she won 7 classes at  one agility show!

In March 2013 Fae was topping the Agility Voice points table for Medium grade 3

Naomi and Fae have qualified for CRUFTS 2014!!! They will be competeing in the main arena in the KC Novice Cup Agility Final

They won the 2013 DINAS Medium Grade 5 Agility Final!

Dunnellons Pinterry Brew owned & handled by Carol Disley

Brew has already won an Agility class at an Agility Addicts unaffiliated show and has multiple top placings at both KC & unaffiliated shows.

Brew won Grade 3 Agility and is now into grade 4 & winning trophies at that grade  at KC shows in large height.
Well done Brew Bear!

Dunnellons Lady Penelope is owned & handled by Pat Edwards 

Penny has just made her debut in Medium KC competitions and is very keen! She has won up to grade 5 already and Penny won 3 classes at her last show. Penny is currently being handled by Carol Disley but Pat hopes to be back in action running Penny by next year.

Keep an eye out for Vicky Bowe who owns & handles Dunnellons Belle of the Ball who is competing in medium KC Agility competitions at grade 5.

Tia got placed 3rd at her very first show and won a 1st & another 3rd place within a few days at the next show!

Tia won out of grade 3 within a couple of weeks of competing and has shot up the grades winning many classes and she is already in grade 5!

In USA we have Dunnellons Dorje Temba Dash owned & handled by Diane Gibbons who has started competing in Agility competitions & will be representing Dunnellon on the other side of the Atlantic!

Left in photo:  Fae who is a little rising star!

Middle: Flossy & Billy showing the youngsters how it's done & setting the example!

Right in photo:  Dunnellons Kanga Roux who is owned & trained by Apryl Parfitt and Dunnellons Kickback Toby who is owned & trained by Craig Goodman. Both of these youngsters are from our last Dunnellon litter along with their siblings Dunnellons Boomerang, Dunnellons Man in Black, Dunnellons Takara Jasper and our own Dunnellons Place Your Bets who are all currently enjoying agility training.

We are hoping these youngsters will be competing in the next year or so as they all love training & are showing lots of potential.

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